Academic Profile

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8
The academic program at Westminster Christian Academy provides students with a well-rounded Christian view of the world. We aim to interpret all aspects of life in the light of the Word of God. WCA's purpose is to graduate students with academic competence, who know and love God as they move forward into the future.

All courses are taught by Christ-centered individuals who bring their faith and insight into the classroom.

From K-3 to 12th grade, our classes meet the best educational standards and are taught in a manner that prepares students for future academic challenge without jeopardizing the importance of a Christian world and life view.

The following elements define the WCA educational model:

  • An engaged student learning environment
  • Strong class offerings and instruction
  • Supplemental academic support services for learning challenges
  • Advanced placement and dual-credit coursework at the upper school
  • Access to integrated technology use in the classroom and beyond
  • Strong advisory program for grades 7-12