Welcome to the Lower School

Innovative and inspired learning, combined with a caring and structured environment, as well as teaching from a Biblical worldview are the hallmarks of the Westminster Christian Academy Elementary School. Our degreed and experienced teachers partner with parents in challenging students to demonstrate the love of Christ to all people and to develop a habit of excellence in all areas of life.

The chief objective of our elementary school is to develop a Christ-centered view of the world in conjunction with excellent academic preparation. The elementary program is purposely designed with a focus on the concrete thinker because elementary students are literal and think in tangible terms. Our program includes Bible instruction, language arts (reading, phonics in grades K-3, writing, grammar, Latin, and spelling), math, science, and social studies. Our primary focus is in the areas of reading and mathematics. An equally important aspect of the WCA elementary teaching is the integration of Biblical truth in all subject areas. Professionals in P.E., music, art, computer, and library work with students each week.