Faculty/Staff Name Position Email
Stephen Hooks Head of School
Leslie Parker Director of Admissions
Kathy Hightower Upper School Principal/Co-Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Diane Blocker Co-Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Jason Anderson Director of Students
Maria Lyman Lower School Principal
Emily Donaldson Director of Operations
Debra Killen Director of Technology
Kerry St. John Director of Athletics
Faculty/Staff Name Position Email
Desiree Silvey - Bio K4
Heather Webber - Bio K4
Lauren Brasher - Bio Kindergarten
Erin Johnson - Bio Kindergarten
Annette Negast - Bio Kindergarten
Amy Madison - Bio First Grade
Katie Willis - Bio First Grade
Susan Baxley - Bio Second Grade
Liz Stewart - Bio Second Grade
Wanda Mullins - Bio Third Grade
Carey VanKirk - Bio Third Grade
Joanna Barnett - Bio Fourth Grade
Ann Wilson - Bio Fourth Grade
Alissa Anderson - Bio Fifth Grade
Christy Howell - Bio Fifth Grade
Elizabeth Bass Music
Margie Cook Academic Support
Emily Fowler Library/Computer
John Knight Physical Education
Wendy Lenentine - Bio Academic Support
Kelly Mize Library
Steve Price Band
Kay Williams Art & Spanish
Faculty/Staff Name Position Email
Dawn Baker English (6) and Social Studies (6)
Elizabeth Bass Choir
April Brewer PreAP/AP Chemistry and Health
Renee Bumpas Visual Arts (9-12)
Tammi Burruss Chemistry & Forensic Science
Chris Cagle Social Studies (9) and PreAP US History
Amy Collier English (7) and Latin (7)
Ben Cooper Economics, Finance, and Life Skills
Jason Crouch Bible (8 and 12)
Lori Cypher English (9) and AP English (11)
Marshall Ellson Math (7)
Lori Gertz Pre-Algebra (8) and Algebra I (8-9)
Michelle Goode Geometry and AP Calculus
David Hammond Bible (9)
Dixie Hammond Visual Arts (6-8) and Science (6)
Melissa Harris Math (6) and Pre-Algebra (7)
Robert Hendricks Bible (6) and Social Studies (8)
Robin Holloway Anatomy
Caleb Hooks Physical Education (6-8 boys)
Garrett Keith Lifetime Fitness
Debra Killen Pre-Algebra (8)
Alyssa Knight Social Studies (8), AP Government, and AP US History
Louis LeBlanc Biology
Lyle Lee Bible (11)
Cheri Maddox Yearbook and Psychology
Doug Madison Alegra II/Trig and AP Stats
Sean McGowan Bible (7 and 10)
Zack Melton Percussion
Crystal Miller English (12) and Speech/Debate
Emily Montgomery Spanish I, II, III
Richard Moreland PreAP Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Physics, and STEM
Cynthia Newman Science (8) and Geography (7)
Haley Petcher English (11-12)
Becky Plott Physical Education (6-8 girls)
Steve Price Band
Jeff Rogers US History (10-11)
Gwen Seuell Geography (7) and Logic (6)
Kerry St. John Bible (7)
Katie Sutton PreAP English, English (10), and AP English (12)
Ondreja Turner English (8) and Speech/Debate
Barika Williams Science (7), AP Biology, and Computer Apps
Faculty/Staff Name Position Email
Michelle Benton Donor Database Specialist
Karen Broome Attendance
Susan Baxley Lower School Care
Katherine Childers Administrative Assistant to Registrar and College and Career
Lori Cypher Upper School Care
Clay Durrett Technology Coordinator
Lori Druzynski Media Specialist
Bertha Dykstra Curriculum Coordinator
Marshall Ellson Support Services Coordinator
Kandice Fooshee Lower School Nurse
Erica Hammond Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Becky Hartley Lunchroom Manager
Mandy Hiller Administrative Assistant to the Principals
Caleb Hooks Middle School Athletics
Mary Hayes Upper School Front Desk
David Hammond Alumni Relations
Sarah Hendrix Upper School Nurse
Angie Johnson Registrar
Davelle King College and Career Advising
John Knight Director of W.A.Y.S.
Cheri Maddox Communications
Doug Madison Transportation Coordinator
Kathy Mansfield Lower School Administrative Assistant
Holly Richards Administrative Assistant to Athletics
Laura Richeson Special Events & Communication
Brenda Siler Assistant to Athletic Director
Bobby Steadmon Facilities
Donna Talley Bookkeeper
Dianne Wittkop Accounts Payable