Our Philosophy

Our upper school follows the precedent set in the middle school. New academic and co-curricular options are offered, allowing students to find areas of interest that will be pursued in their college studies. The different options also allow students to find the level of academic study that best suits them, from College Prep English, Math, and Science classes, all the way to AP Calculus and AP Chemistry. Students can explore their interests through music, art, and sports. Our high school academic program is pushed upward, and we are continually evaluating the need for new and different classes that will challenge our students. In order to prepare our students for the rigors of higher education, we have followed the trend of colleges and now only weight AP, Pre-AP and Dual-enrollment classes. It is in the high school that the picture of the graduate becomes complete. Students are asked to think in higher categories and to think critically. They are asked to discern truth from fiction and to engage in their learning by dialoguing with teachers on the issues that confront our world today.

Vision and mission help us maintain our pace and help us stay firmly on our chosen path. Our vision and mission remind us that our purpose is to provide a Christ-centered excellent education to our students. We are neither their church nor their youth group; we desire to be only their school in partnership with Christian families. Our vision also keeps our divisional goals constantly before us: our elementary school lays the foundation, our middle school develops the skills, and our high school provides the opportunity to put all of this together. The goal of Westminster is to prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond, to prepare them to think, and to move them away from merely regurgitating information in order to be ready to serve and lead in a variety of ways.

There are two established priorities that contribute to our success. First, we go to great lengths to hire the best and brightest faculty possible. We do this with two things in mind: we desire faculty who are excellent in their field and who embrace and engage in the discipleship of students. When our parents pay tuition to our school, our goal is for them to find faculty members in every pocket of our school who are excellent in what they do and who are deeply concerned about who each student is in Christ. The second priority is our idea of process and product, mixed with excellence. Westminster will not do anything for the sake of doing it; we will only do what we do if it can be done with excellence. Process and product are critical to our school and our students' current and future success. When we do something, we will focus on the process of how we do something because we believe the process is as important as the product. By focusing on process, it may take us a little longer to get to the product, the place where we want to be, but we will get there, and we will do it the right way.

We are not the perfect school or your only option; our goal is to be one of your best options when it comes to education that is Christian and excellent. This is Westminster!