Church Partnerships

Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) welcomes families from all branches of the Christian faith - Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox. We endeavor to provide a college preparatory environment that encourages students to achieve their highest academic potential and to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. We also strive to nurture a Christian worldview as the foundation for academic and personal life.

A ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church, WCA is an academy of learning based upon reformed theology. Theology is simply a study of God. Reformed refers to the rediscovery of the doctrines of grace during the time of the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Reformed theology is a belief system that is based on God's Word alone and focuses on the nature and character of God Himself. A strong preference exists for all school leadership (principals and key administrators) to embrace the church's reformed theological tradition, but it is not necessary. Bible classes are part of the core curriculum, and ordained ministers who belong to denominations affiliated with the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council teach middle and high school Bible classes. The Westminster Catechism is taught in most grade levels. The Catechism contains historical statements summarizing the truths of scripture in question and answer form. While we teach the Bible from the perspective of our reformed tradition, we seek to understand and respect the traditions of other branches of the Christian family.

Our school appreciates the diversity of the Huntsville Christian community and welcomes the variety of theological traditions represented amongst faculty and school families. We count it an honor to partner with the many families and congregations to prepare tomorrow's leaders to serve their churches, homes, and communities.